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Black History Month Bundle  
Lockdown Fiction Bundle  
May Fiction Bundle  
NPM Bundle #1: Celebrating National Poetry Month  
NPM Bundle #2: Celebrating National Poetry Month  
NPM Bundle #3 - The Poets Laureate: Celebrating National Poetry Month  
NPM Bundle #4 - Montreal Poets: Celebrating National Poetry Month  
NPM Bundle #5 - Governor General Award Winners: Celebrating National Poetry Month  
NPM Bundle #6: Celebrating National Poetry Month  


Ah-Sen, Jean Marc
Kilworthy Tanner  

Ainley, Marianne
Despite the Odds: Essays on Canadian Women and Science  
Restless Energy: A Biography of William Rowan 1891-1957  

Aitken, Sally
Walking Fingers: The Story of Polio and Those Who Lived With It  

Al-Maghut, M.
Joy is Not My Profession  

Alkallay, Rachelle
Montreal's Other Museums: Off the Beaten Track  

Allen, Robert
Magellan's Clouds  
Standing Wave  

Anand, Anita
Swing in the House and Other Stories  

Angelico, Irene
The Third Seder: A Haggadah for Yom Hashoah  

Arthur, James
The Suicide's Son  

Aubert de Gaspé, Phillipe-Joseph
Canadians of Old  
A Man of Sentiment: The Memoirs of Philippe-Joseph Aubert de Gaspé 1786-1871  
Yellow-Wolf & Other Tales of the Saint Lawrence  

Aubin, Henry
Who’s Afraid of Demergers?: A Journalist Takes on Tremblay, Olivier, and Other Defenders of Quebec’s Municipal Mergers  

Austin, Edie
History Through Our Eyes: Photos of People and Events That Shaped 20th Century Montreal  

Ayanoglu, Byron
Eating My Words: 1998-99 Guide to Montreal Restaurants  
Montreal's Best Restaurants  


Bah, Valérie

Bailey, Clayton

Baniahmadi, Baharan

Barton, John
Lost Family: A Memoir  

Beardsley, Doug
Wrestling with Angels: New and Selected Poems 1960-1995  

Beauchemin, Raymond
Future Tense: New English Fiction from Quebec  
Salut!: The Quebec Microbrewery Cookbook  

Beissel, Henry
Raging Like a Fire: A Celebration of Irving Layton  

Belanger, Paul
Meridian Line  

Bell, Don
The Man Who Killed Houdini  

Benson Nablo, James
The Long November  

Besner, Linda
The Id Kid  

Bird, David
A Birds-Eye View: A Practical Compendium for Bird-Lovers  

Birney, Earle
Spreading Time  

Bist, Dave
Nick: A Montreal Life  

Bitar, Walid
The Empire's Missing Links  

Blais, Marie-Claire
Veiled Countries/Lives  

Bley, Paul
Stopping Time: Paul Bley and the Transformation of Jazz  

Boisvert, Yves
Keep it All  

Bolster, Stephanie
Penned: Animals in Zoos in Poems  
White Stone: The Alice Poems  

Bonenfant, Maude
Exploring Old Quebec  

Bose, Rana
Recovering Rude  

Bouchet, David
Sun of a Distant Land  Digital download Epub

Boulianne-Tremblay, Gabrielle
Dandelion Daughter  

Boxer, Asa
Mechanical Bird  

Boychuk, Jenny
Antonyms for Daughter  

Briscoe, Susan
The Crow’s Vow  

Brown, Andy
You & Your Bright Ideas: New Montreal Writing  

Brown, Horace
Whispering City  

Brown, William
Doug: The Doug Harvey Story  
The Montreal Maroons: The Forgotten Stanley Cup Champions  

Brownstein, Bill
Montréal 24: Twenty-four Hours in the Life of a City  
Schwartz's Hebrew Delicatessen: The Story  

Buell, John
Four Days: A Novel  
The Pyx  

Burns, Patricia
Life on the Home Front: Montreal 1939-1945  
The Shamrock and the Shield: An Oral History of the Irish in Montreal  
They Were so Young: Montrealers Remember World War II  

Busby, Brian
The Heart Accepts it all: Selected Letters of John Glassco  

Byrnes, Terence
Closer to Home: The Author and the Author Portrait  


Callanan, Mark
Gift Horse  

Camlot, Jason
Language Acts: Anglo-Québec Poetry, 1976 to the 21st Century  

Campbell, Chad
Laws & Locks  

Cappelletti, Arrigo
Paul Bley: The Logic of Chance  

Carley, Glenn
Polenta at Midnight: Tales of Gusto and Enchantment in North York  

Carson, Edward
Birds Flock Fish School  

Charney, Ann
Defiance in Their Eyes: True Stories from the Margins  
Rousseau's Garden  

Chester, Bronwyn
Island of Trees: 50 Trees, 50 Tales of Montreal  

Clark, Authur
Kinetic Mustache  

Clarke, George Elliott
Whiteout: How Canada Cancels Blackness  

Clavel, Phil
Dad Alone: How to Rebuild Your Life And Remain an Involved Father After Divorce  
I Am Not an ATM Machine: How Parents Can Regain Control of Their Lives while Still Loving their Children  

Coles, Don
A Dropped Glove in Regent Street: An Autobiography by Other Means  
How We All Swiftly: The First Six Books  
K. in Love  
Little Bird  
Where We Might Have Been  

Colistro, Vincent
Late Victorians  

Collins, Aileen

Comay, Yoyo
States of Emergency  

Conn, Jan
Beauties on Mad River  
South of the Tudo Bem Café  
What Dante did with Loss  

Cook, Geoffrey

Cooke, Ronald
The Mayor of Côte St. Paul  

Corriveau, Art
Blood Pudding  


Dalton, Mary
Red Ledger  

Dandurand, Anne
Deathly Delights  

Davies, Paul
Gelignite Jack  
Pig Iron  

de Meijer, Sadiqa
The Outer Wards  

Diamond, Ann
Evil Eye  
A Nun's Diary  
Terrorist Letters  

DiRaddo, Christopher
The Family Way  
The Geography of Pluto  

Dobson, Kathy
Kathy Dobson Bundle  
Punching and Kicking: Leaving Canada’s Toughest Neighbourhood  Digital download Epub
With a Closed Fist: Growing Up in Canada's Toughest Nighbourhood  

Ducharme, Réjean

Dudek, Louis
Continuation I  Hardback
Continuation II  
Infinite Worlds  
Zembla's Rocks  

Durcan, Liam
A Short Journey by Car  


Ellenbogen, George
Along the Road from Eden  
Morning Gothic: New and Selected Poems  
The Rhino Gate Poems  
A Stone in My Shoe: In Search of Neighbourhood  

Ethier-Blais, J.
White Desert  

Evanson, Tawhida Tanya
Book of Wings  


Fabiani, Louise
The Green Alembic  

Fiorito, Joe
All I Have Learned Is Where I Have Been  
Quicker Than The Eye  

Forget, André
After Realism: 24 Stories for the 21st Century  

Fox, Joanna
Apportez Votre Vin: Les meilleurs restos a Montreal 2010-2011  
Montreal's Best BYOB Restaurants 2009-2010  
Montreal's Best Terrasses Dining  

Fragoulis, Tess
Musings: An Anthology of Greek-Canadian Literature  

Francoeur, Lucien
Neons in the Night  

Freed, Josh
Fear of Frying and Other Fax Of Life  
He Who Laughs, Lasts  
Moonwebs: Journey into the Mind of a Cult  
Press 1 and Pray: Letters From Voice Jail  
Sign Language and Other Tales of Montreal Wildlife  

Friedman, Avi
A Place in Mind: Designing Cities for the 21st Century, Revised Edition  
A View From the Porch: Rethinking Home and Community Design  
Neighbourhood: Designing a Liveable Community  
A Place in Mind: The Search for Authenticity  

Friedman, Matthew
Fuzzy Logic: Dispatches from the Information Revolution  

Frutkin, Mark
A Message for the Emperor: A Novel  Digital download Epub


Gallant, Mavis
Montreal Standard Time: The Early Journalism of Mavis Gallant  

Garfin, Judy
Natural Disguise: Works 1973-1998  Hardback

Garneau, Michel
Small Horses and Intimate Beasts  

Garner, Hugh
Waste No Tears  

Geddes, Gary
Light of Burning Towers: Poems, New and Selected  

Germain, Jean-Claude
Of Jesuits and Bohemians  
Rue Fabre: Centre of the Universe  

Giguère, Richard

Gilmore, John
Swinging in Paradise: The Story of Jazz in Montreal  
Who's Who of Jazz in Montreal: Ragtime to 1970  

Glickman, Susan
Henry Moore's Sheep  
Hide & Seek  
Running in Prospect Cemetary: New and Selected Poems  
The Smooth Yarrow  
What We Carry  

Global Poetry Anthology, Editors of the
Global Poetry Anthology 2011  
Global Poetry Anthology 2013  
Global Poetry Anthology 2015  

Godin, Gérard
Evenings at Loose Ends  

Gollner, Andrew B.
Canada Under Mulroney: An End-of-term Report  

Goodison, Lorna
Mother Muse  
Redemption Ground: Essays and Adventures  

Grafftey, Heward
Democracy Challenged: How to End One-Party Rule in Canada  
Portraits from a Life  

Greene, Richard
Boxing the Compass  
Dante's House  

Greif, Hans-Jurgen

Griffin, Daniel
Stopping for Strangers  

Grondin, Mélanie
The Art and Passion of Guido Nincheri  

Guriel, Jason
Pure Product  
Satisfying Clicking Sound  

Gustafson, Ralph
Selected Poems  
Visions Fugitive  


Hanson, Elizabeth
A Jewel in a Park: The Westmount Public Library 1897-1918  

Harbury, Jennifer
Bridge of Courage: Life Stories of the Guatemalan Companeros and Companeras  

Harris, Michael
Field Notes: Prose Pieces 1969-2012  
New & Selected Poems  
The Signal Anthology  

Hartsfield, Carla
Fire Never Sleeps  
The Invisible Moon  

Harvor, Elisabeth
A Fortress of Chairs  
The Long Cold Green Evenings of Spring  
A Room at the Heart of Things: The Work that Came to Me  

Haslam, Madi
Letters From Montreal: Tales of an Exceptional City  

Haugland, Bill
After it Rains  
The Bidding  
Mobile 9  
The Informants  

Headland, Ronald
So Others Will Remember: Holocaust History and Survivor Testimony  

Henry, Robert
Cartoon Review of the War: Louis Baratgin’s World War II Album  

Homel, David
A House Without Spirits  
Mapping Literature: The Art and Politics of Translation  
The Teardown: A novel  

Hood, Andrew
Pardon Our Monsters  

Howarth, Ian
Rock 'n' Radio: When DJs and Rock Music Ruled the Airwaves  

Hustak, Alan
At the Heart of St Mary's: A History of Montreal's St. Mary's Hospital Centre  
Downtown Montreal: Above & Below  
Exploring Downtown Montreal: An Opinionated Guide to the Downton Squares, Churches, and Underground City  
Exploring Montreal’s Underground City  
Exploring Old Montreal  
Faith Under Fire: Frederick G. Scott, Canada's Extraordinary Chaplain of the Great War  
One Long Line of Marvel: 200 Years of Montreal’s St. Patrick’s Parade  
Titanic: The Canadian Story  


Irvine, Dean
Heresies: The Complete Poems of Anne Wilkenson  


Jansen, Catholyn
Birds of a Feather  

Johnstone, Jim
Dog Ear  
Infinity Network  
The Chemical Life  

Jones, Doug
The Stream Exposed with All Its Stones: Collected Poems  

Jones, Evan
The Civilizing Discourse: Interviews with Canadian Poets  


Kalbfleisch, John
No Place More Suitable: Four Centuries of Montreal Stories  
This Island in Time: Remarkable Tales from Montreal's Past  

Kalman Naves, Elaine
Portrait of a Scandal: The Abortion Trial of Robert Notman  
Putting Down Roots: Montreal's Immigrant Writers  
Robert Weaver: Godfather of Canadian Literature  
Writers of Montreal  

Karmali, Sikeena
A House by the Sea  

Kellough, Kaie
Dominoes at the Crossroads  

Kindellan-Sheehan, Sheila
In the Shadows  
My Brother's Keeper  
The Red Floor  
The Courier Wore Shorts  
The Gang of Four  
Where Bodies Fall  

Klusacek, Allan
A Leap in the Dark: AIDS, Art & Contemporary Cultures  

Konchan, Virginia
Hallelujah Time  

Kuby, Lolette
Out of Cleveland  
Writing Personals: A Novel  

Kucharsky, Danny
Sacred Ground on de la Savane: Montreal's Baron de Hirsch Cemetery  


Lahey, Anita
Out to Dry in Cape Breton  
Spinning Side Kick  
While Supplies Last  

Lalumiere, Claude
In Other Words: New English Writing from Quebec  
Island Dreams: Montreal Writers of the Fantastic  
Lust for Life: Tales of Sex & Love  
Minority Reports: New English Writing From Quebec  
Short Stuff: New English Stories from Quebec  
Telling Stories: New English Stories from Quebec  

Lanthier, Kateri

LaRose, R. P.
Wolf Sonnets  

Lawrence, P. Scott
Missing Fred Astaire  

Lazar, Barry
Barry Lazar's Taste of Montreal  

Lecker, Robert
Dr. Delicious: Memoirs of a Life in CanLit  

Leitch, Peter
Off the Books: A Jazz Life  

LePan, Don
Animals: A Novel  

Léveillé-Trudel, Juliana
Nirliit  Digital download Epub

Levine, David
Health Care and Politics: An Insider’s View on Managing and Sustaining Health Care in Canada  

Lindner, Erik
Words are the Worst: Selected Poems  

Lista, Michael
The Human Scale: Murder, Mischief and Other Selected Mayhems  
The Scarborough  

Lush, Laura
Fault Line  


MacLaine, Brent
Wind and Root  

MacLaren et al., Eli
The Montreal Poetry Prize Anthology 2020  Digital download Epub
The Montreal Poetry Prize Anthology 2020  

MacLaren, Eli
The Montreal Poetry Prize Anthology 2022  

Maes, Nicholas
Dead Man's Float  

Magill, Christine
The Hope That Remains: Canadian Survivors of the Rwandan Genocide  Digital download Epub

Manicom, David
Anna's Shadow  
Ice in Dark Water  

Marrelli, Nancy
Burgundy Jazz: Little Burgundy and the Story of Montreal Jazz  Digital download iBook
Cheap Thrills Montreal: Great Montreal Meals for Under $15  
Cheap Thrills Montreal 2006: Great Montreal Meals for Under $15  
Cheap Thrills New York: Great NYC Meals for under $15  
Cheap Thrills Toronto: Great Toronto Meals for Under $15  
Cheap Thrills Toronto 2008: Great Toronto Meals for Under $15  
Montreal Photo Album: Photographs from Montreal Archives  
The Scots of Montreal: A Pictorial Album  
Stepping Out: The Golden Age of Montreal Night Clubs  

Marston, Missy
The Love Monster: A Novel  

Martz, Fraidie
Fiery Soul: The Life and Theatrical Times of John Hirsch  
Open Your Hearts: The Story of the Jewish War Orphans in Canada  

Matuk, Nyla
Resisting Canada  
Sumptuary Laws  

Mayne, Seymour
Jerusalem: An Anthology of Canadian Jewish Poetry  
A Rich Garland: Poems for A.M. Klein  

Mayse, Arthur
Perilous Passage  

McAuley, John
Nothing Ever Happens in Pointe-Claire  
What Henry Hudson Found  

Meadowcroft, Barbara
Painting Friends: The Beaver Hall Woman Painters  

Medres, Israel
Between the Wars: Canadian Jews in Transition  
Montreal of Yesterday: Jewish Life in Montreal 1900-1920  

Melancon, Robert
Blind Painting  

Metcalf, John
Writers in Aspic  

Molson, Karen
On His Way in the World: The Voyages and Travels of John H.R. Molson, 1841  

Montrose, David
The Body on Mount Royal  
The Crime on Cote des Neiges  
Gambling with Fire  
Murder Over Dorval  

Moore, Robert
Based On Actual Events  
The Golden book of Bovinities  

Morency, Pierre
Words that Walk in the Night  

Morin, Alexie
Open Your Heart  

Morissette, Guillaume
New Tab: A Novel  
The Original Face  

Moser, Elise
Salut King Kong: New English Writing from Quebec  

Mouré, Erin
Sheepish Beauty  
West South West  

Mulloy, Pamela
The Deserters  Digital download Epub

Musgrave, Sarah
Montreal Resto à Go-Go: 200 Cheap and Fun Places to Eat and Drink  


Nasrallah, Dimitri
Niko: A Novel  
The Bleeds  

Ndala, Blaise
The War You Don't Hate  

Nelligan, Émile
Ship of Gold: The Essential Poems of Émile Nelligan  

Nepveu, Pierre
The Major Verbs  
The Four-Doored House  
The Hardness of Matter and Water  

Ng-Chan, Taien
Ribsauce: A CD/Anthology of Words by Women  

Nicol, Mikella

Novakovich, Josip

Nungak, Zebedee
Wrestling with Colonialism on Steroids: Quebec Inuit Fight for Their Homeland  


O'Brien, Peter

Oiwa, Keibo
Stone Voices: Wartime Writings of Japanese Canadian Issei  

Oliver, Michael
The Passionate Debate: The Social and Politcal Ideas of Quebec Nationalism 1920-1945  

Ormsby, Eric

Orvis, Kenneth
The Damned and The Destroyed  


Palmer, Al
Montreal Confidential  
Sugar-Puss on Dorchester Street  

Pambianchi, Daniel
Kit Winemaking: The Illustrated Beginner's Guide to Making Wine from Concentrate  
Modern Home Winemaking: A Guide to Making Consistently Great Wines  
Techniques in Home Winemaking: The Comprehensive Guide to Making Château-Style Wines  
The Beginner’s Guide to Making Wine from Juice and Grapes  
Wine Myths, Facts & Snobberies: 81 Questions & Answers on the Science and Enjoyment of Wine  

Partridge, Elise
Fielder's Choice  

Paskal, Anna
The Water Gods: The Inside Story of a World Bank Project in Nepal  

Patton, Christopher

Péan, Stanley
Black and Blue: Jazz Stories  

Pedicelli, Gabriella
When Police Kill: Police Use of Force in Montreal and Toronto  

Pepall, Rosalind M.
Talking to a Portrait: Tales of an Art Curator  

Perovic, Lydia
All That Sang  

Pettersen, Geneviève
The Goddess of Fireflies  

Plamondon, Éric
1984 Trilogy Bundle  
Apple S  
Hungary-Hollywood Express  
Mayonnaise: A Novel  

Podbrey, Maurice
Half Man, Half Beast: Making a Life in Canadian Theatre  

Pollock, James
Durable Goods  

Poulin, Jacques
English Is Not a Magic Language  
Mr. Blue  

Prior, Michael
Model Disciple  

Pruska-Carroll, Marika
Russia: Forward to the Past  
Russia Between Yesterday and Tomorrow: Revised and Expanded Edition  

Purdham, Medrie
Little Housewolf  


Quinn, Judy
No Grave for This Place  


Radu, Kenneth
Home Fires  
A Private Performance  
Snow Over Judaea  
Strange & Familiar Places  

Reibetanz, J.
Morning Watch  

Renglich, Slozma
In the Heart of Warsaw  
When Paupers Dance  

Richardson, Peter
An ABC of Belly Work  
Sympathy for the Couriers  
A Tinker's Picnic  

Richardson, Robin
Sit How You Want  

Richler, Howard
Global Mother Tongue: The Eight Flavours of English  

Ritland, Laura
East and West  Digital download Epub

Roberts, Joan
Joan and Goodrige: My Life with Goodridge Roberts  

Robertson, Stuart
Stuart Robertson's Tips on Container Gardening  
Stuart Robertson's Tips on Organic Gardening  

Robinson, Ira
Renewing Our Days: Montreal Jews in the 20th Century  

Rome, David
Through the Eyes of the Eagle: The Early Montreal Yiddish Press  

Rosen, Dave
The Quebec Neverendum Colouring and Activity Book  
What Happened?!: A Wicked Look Back at the Year that Was  

Rotchin, B.
The Rent Collector  

Rubin, Talya
Leaving the Island  

Rumball, Marilynn
Mariposa Cookbook  


Sanderson, Douglas
Blondes Are My Trouble  
Hot Freeze  

Sanger, Daniel
Saving the City: The Challenge of Transforming a Modern Metropolis  

Sanger, Richard
Calling Home  
Fathers at Hockey  
Shadow Cabinet  

Sarah, Robyn
A Nice Gazebo  

Schaffer, Paul
The Veiled Sun: From Auschwitz to New Beginnings  

Scobie, Stephen

Scott, Peter Dale
Murmur of the Stars  

Shaffer, Deena Kara
The Grey Tote  

Shelley Wees, Frances
The Keys Of My Prison  

Simon, Sherry
Culture in Transit: Translating the Literature of Quebec  

Sinclair, Andy
Breathing Lessons  

Singh, Jaspreet
My Mother, My Translator  
Seventeen Tomatoes: Tales from Kashmir  

Siré, Cora
Fear the Mirror  

Soderstrom, Mary
Green City: People, Nature and Urban Life  
Making Waves: The Continuing Portuguese Adventure  
Recreating Eden: A Natural History of Botanical Gardens  
The Walkable City: From Haussmann’s Boulevards to Jane Jacobs’ Streets and Beyond  

Solway, David
Anatomy of Arcadia  
An Andreas Karavis Companion  
Modern Marriage  
The Mulberry Men  
Reaching for Clear  
Saracen Island: The Poems of Andreas Karavis  
Selected Poems  

Starnino, Carmine
The New Canon: An Anthology of Canadian Poetry  
The New World  

Steffler, John
Helix: New and Selected Poems  

Steinberg, Ricardo
The Invention of Honey  
Map of Dreams  

Steinmetz, Andrew
Wardlife: The apprenticeship of a young writer as a hospital clerk  

Sternberg, Ricardo
One River: New and Selected Poems  

Stewart, Shannon
Penny Dreadful  

Sweeney, Matthew
A Picnic on Ice: Selected Poems  

Szanto, George
Friends & Marriages  
Inside the Statues of Saints: Mexican Writers On Culture and Corruption, Politics and Daily Life  


Tauben, Sara Ferdman
Traces of the Past: Montreal's Early Synagogues  

Taylor, Bruce

Ternar, Yeshim
Rembrandt's Model  
True Romance with a Sailor  

Thomas, H. Nigel
Spirits in the Dark: 30th Anniversary Edition  

Thomas, Timothy
A City with a Difference: The Rise and Fall of the Montreal Citizens Movement  

Thurston, Harry
Animals of My Own Kind  

Tregebov, Rhea
All Souls'  
Mapping the Chaos  
Proving Grounds  
Talking to Strangers  

Trites, Lesley
A Three-Tiered Pastel Dream  

Trudel, Marcel
Canada's Forgotten Slaves: Two Hundred Years of Bondage  
Memoirs of a Less Travelled Road: A Historian’s Life  


Vallières, William
Versus  Digital download Epub

Van Toorn, Peter
Mountain Tea: & Other Poems  

Vaugeois, Denis
America: The Lewis & Clark Expedition and the Dawn of a New Power  

Veronneau, Pierre
The Bacchus Wine Notebook  

Vogels, Josey
More Love & Sex from My Messy Bedroom  
My Messy Bedroom: Love & Sex in the 90's  


Waller, Adrian
No Ordinary Hotel  

Warner, Patrick
There, there  

Webster, Derek
National Animal  

Wees, Frances Shelley
I Am Not Guilty  

Weisbord, Merrily
The Strangest Dream : Canadian Communists, the Spy Trials, and the Cold War  
The Strangest Dream: Canadian Communists, the Spy Trials, and the Cold War  

Whiteman, Bruce
Lasting Impressions: A Short History of English Publishing in Quebec  

Whittington-Hill, Lisa
Girls, Interrupted: How Pop Culture Is Failing Women  

Willard, Christopher
Garbage Head  
Sundre: A Novel  

Williams, Dorothy
The Road to Now: A History of Blacks in Montreal  

Wingate, Shoshanna
Radio Weather  

Wiseman, Christopher
36 Cornelian Avenue  

Wituska, Krystyna
I Am First a Human Being: The Prison Letters of Krystyna Wituska  

Wright, Catriona
Table Manners  


Yelin, Shulamis
Demonic to Divine: The Double Life of Shulamis Yelin  

Young, Phyllis Brett
The Ravine  

Young, Terrence
The Island in Winter  


Zipora, Malka
Rather Laugh Than Cry: Stories from a Hassidic Household  

Zuckerman, Francine
Half the Kingdom: Seven Jewish Feminists  

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