Rue Fabre: Centre of the Universe

Jean-Claude Germain
Translated by Donald Winkler

In Rue Fabre: Centre of the Universe Jean-Claude Germain evokes a Quebec unknown to most English-speaking Canadians.
In the 1940s, for a young boy of Rue Fabre in Montreal's East End, leaving the city constituted a veritable odyssey as he accompanied his father-a salesman of candy and cigarettes-on his rounds to the towns and cities surrounding Montreal. Travelling in his father's truck surrounded by Cherry Blossom chocolates, Lifesavers, maple sugar cones, sugary strawberries, jelly beans and black balls, he discovers a strange and fascinating world, extraordinary individuals, and incredible situations.

Biography & Autobiography 2012

Writer, playwright, director, actor, journalist, historian, and critic, Jean-Claude Germain is a Quebec icon. He taught at the National Theatre School of Canada and was artistic director of Théâtre d'aujourd'hui [1972-1982]. Well-known for his story telling on the radio, he related the year-by-year saga of the history of Montreal from 1642 to 1992 at the morning show CBF-Bonjour, the 350 episodes were ultimately published in three volumes as Le Feuilleton de Montréal.

Donald Winkler is a filmmaker and translator. He won the Governor General's Literary Award for Translation and has been a finalist four times. His translation of Daniel Poliquin's La Kermesse [A Secret Between Us] was a finalist for the 2007 Giller Prize. He lives in Montreal, Quebec.

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