When Police Kill: Police Use of Force in Montreal and Toronto

Gabriella Pedicelli

The public debate in recent years regarding the excessive use of force by the police in Canada, and the high number of visible minorities killed by police, has caused many to accuse the police of racism. When Police Kill explores these issues and well as the public controversy which surrounds them. When Police Kill contains: — An analysis of mainstream media that points to their reliance on official police versions of incidents — A look at the lack of clarity in the Criminal Code sections pertaining to police use of force and the wide discretionary powers granted to the police allowing for the targeting of minority groups — A review of specific cases of lethal force in both Toronto and Montreal between 1987 and 1993 — An analysis of the legal proceedings in the Allan Gosset case in Montreal which highlights the inadequacy of the law in punishing excessive police action — Options for citizen-initiated action

Social Science 1998

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Gabriella Pedicelli is uniquely situated to comment on public issues related to the role of the police in society. Before she received her undergraduate degree in sociology at Concordia University and her Master's degree in Criminology at the University of Ottawa, the author attended and completed her police training at Quebec's Nicolet Training Academy.
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