The Teardown: A novel

David Homel

Awards: Winner, 2019 QWF Paragraphe Hugh MacLennan Prize for Fiction

David Homel’s eighth novel is an exquisitely written, brutally honest, brave work from a two-time Governor General Award winner at the peak of his powers.

Phil Brenner has fallen into a slump. All of his life’s achievements have somehow crept into disarray. As a freelance journalist, his career pinnacles keep receding in the rearview, as he struggles to stay relevant in a culture that prizes identity over experience. He feels unfairly cast aside by younger generations, designated the very “white male of privilege” he spent much of his youth rallying against. As a husband, he’s estranged from his wife, whose job supports the suburban lifestyle he never wanted. As a father, his two daughters repel any attempt he makes to connect.

But when a chance arises to cover the refugee crisis in Eastern Europe, Phil seizes the opportunity to reinvent himself into the person he could be, if only he can bring himself to tear down the tired notions of who he has become.

Esplanade Fiction


"This theme of shifting identities in America, of the processes by which ethnic groups make their way through, and out of, danger, haunts The Teardown." - Norman Ravvin, The Canadian Jewish News

David Homel is the author of nine novels and a memoir, as well as a series of books for younger readers co-written with Marie-Louise Gay. A prize- winning writer and translator, he has worked in documentary film, print and radio journalism. He lives in Montreal.

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