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Signal Poetry

Since 1981, over one hundred titles have been published in the Signal Editions poetry series—the poetry imprint at Véhicule Press. One-quarter of the list are first-time authors.

About the editor

Carmine Starnino Poet, essayist and critic Carmine Starnino became editor of Signal Editions in January 2001, succeeding founding editor Michael Harris. Starnino is the author of four books of poetry including The New World which was nominated for the 1997 A.M. Klein Prize for poetry and the 1997 Gerald Lampert Memorial Award, and Credo which won the 2001 Canadian Authors’ Association Prize for poetry. He is the editor of The New Canon: An Anthology of Canadian Poetry. Lazy Bastardism: Essays & Reviews on Contemporary Poetry was published in 2012. He lives in Montreal.

Selected titles

Satisfying Clicking Sound Satisfying Clicking Sound
Jason Guriel

Praise for Satisfying Clicking Sound

"Poet and critic Jason Guriel solidifies his place in CanLit with substantial contributions to both fields. . . Most of Guriel's poems open outward, including insight, mischief and wordplay." –Quill & Quire

Previous praise for Jason Guriel:

"What no one wants to admit is that most of the so-called avant-garde poets can't write, and most of the so-called lyric poets can't think. Guriel strikes a bold middle ground; he consistently strives to overlay serious lyricism with serious aesthetic commentary, and he does so with grace, effortlessness, and humour." —Maisonneuve

"[Pure Product] may well be that rare thing: a collection to be lived with." —The Globe and Mail

"These poems, often about disposable parts of our culture, are frenetically alive. They infuse the products they exemplify with a life, a valency, an irrepressible energy." —Arc Poetry Magazine

Read an excerpt

Dog Ear
Dog Ear
Jim Johnstone
Global Poetry Anthology 2013
Global Poetry Anthology 2013
Mary Dalton
Dante's House
Dante's House
Richard Greene
Birds Flock Fish School
Birds Flock Fish School
Edward Carson
Mary Dalton
Grey Tote, The
The Grey Tote
Deena Kara Shaffer
Field Notes
Field Notes:
Prose Pieces 1969-2012

Michael Harris
Sumptuary Laws
Sumptuary Laws
Nyla Matuk
Golden book of Bovinities, The
The Golden book of Bovinities
Robert Moore
Major Verbs, The
The Major Verbs
Pierre Nepveu
All Souls'
All Souls'
Rhea Tregebov
Smooth Yarrow, The
The Smooth Yarrow
Susan Glickman