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Recent news and events relating to the press.
Anne Dardick, Nancy Marrelli, Rosemary Dardick, Maria Marrelli, and Simon Dardick cutting the 35 lb. anniversary cake baked by Nancy Marrelli and decorated by Danielle Demers.
Our 25th anniversary year culminated in a gala book launching at Montreal's Atwater Library on Friday, December 4, 1998 with close to 500 in attendance. That we have been able to publish books that we consider important for twenty-five years, is a gift. We are particularly fortunate to be able to do this from Montreal, located as we are, a few blocks from Boulevard St-Laurent--home to generations of immigrants and the dividing line between East and West. Our vantage point has enabled us to publish books--a number in translation--which reflect the cultural realities of Quebec and Canada.

Heward Grafftey, Diane Hibbert, Kenneth Radu and other guests perusing new titles.
Setting up the book display.
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