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Resisting Canada, an anthology featuring 28 poets, edited, with an introduction, by Nyla Matuk, that addresses, among other things, Indigenous agency, cultural belonging, environmental anxieties, and racial privilege.


Stranger by Nyla Matuk

Nyla Matuk’s provocative, unabashedly sensual voice leads us to revelations about how our lives are increasingly disembodied by social media’s flattened, outward identity markers.

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"What makes Resisting Canada stand out among other recent Canadian poetry anthologies is not simply its editor’s unapologetic polemicism or the defiant spirit of its poems but the way these strands are inextricably integrated." - Bardia Sinaee, Quill & Quire

“We’re all strangers, even if we think we know each other. Poet Nyla Matuk artfully meditates on our disconnected digital age, while awakening a sensuality to this vulnerable state of unknowing… [She] creates space for the mundane hum of the every day, and opens towards a sense of curiosity.” -Shannon Webb-Campbell, Montreal Review of Books

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ISBN13: 0304202001

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