Downtown Montreal: Above & Below

Alan Hustak

This pocket-sized guide to eight historical walking tours of Downtown Montreal is the perfect vacation souvenir and visitors' guide. Each walking tour takes approximately 2˝ hours, and introduces a different aspect of downtown: Peel Street, the Underground City, Chinatown, and more.


8 different walking tours,

Vintage photographs of Montreal,

Easy-to-follow maps,

Pocket-sized format

Discover Downtown Montreal's treasures and oddities:,

A 36-story cheese grater

A phony English castle that Prohibition built,

30 km of underground shopping,

The hotel room where John Lennon and Yoko Ono composed "Give Peace a Chance."

A 250-year-old sea goddess from France

Véhicule Press
Travel 2001

Alan Hustak has been writing about Montreal for over thirty years. He is a journalist, and author of Saint Patrick's of Montreal: The Biography of a Basilica and Titanic: The Canadian Story.

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