Writing Personals: A Novel

Lolette Kuby

Wanted: One man of average height, well-muscled but not ironclad, neither overly or underly handsome, with more body hair than a baby's behind but less than a gorilla, hefty penis, charge not too easily discharged, good mind, good sense of humour and humouring, joyful spirit, for a relationship of indeterminate time with a recently divorced woman who misses it.

Meet a world of offbeat characters in pursuit of love. Writing Personals is a funny, intellectual, raunchy, and sweet novel that takes aim at contemporary mating practices, middle-class values, and marriage for love as the glue of society. This is a quirky book in the vein of Tristram Shandy.

Sylvia Weisler is under contract with a small publisher to write a non-fiction book about personals advertising. She focuses on the middle-aged and older group who utilize print media rather than on the "too vast territory" of twenty-somethings and the Internet. Interviews with a variety of "persons"-people who place and respond to ads-appear throughout the book. Some of these characters remain interviewees-material for Sylvia's book; others, however, enter the author's private life and become enmeshed in the plot. This is held together by the major narrative thread-Sylvia's own search for love.

Esplanade Books
Fiction 2010

Lolette Kuby's books include two poetry collections, Set Down Here and Inwit, and an acclaimed work of literary criticism, An Uncommon Poet for the Common Man: A Study of Philip Larkin's Poetry. Her book Faith and the Placebo Effect: An Argument for Self-Healing was a finalist for the 2001 ForeWord Magazine Book of the Year Award in the Health category. Kuby grew up in Cleveland and now lives in Toronto.

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