The Montreal Maroons: The Forgotten Stanley Cup Champions

William Brown

When people talk about the history of hockey in Montreal they often limit the discussion to the Montreal Canadiens. But what about the Montreal Maroons? The Maroons were the very first tenants of the Montreal Forum and rivaled the Canadiens for most of the 1920s and 1930s. The team drew most of its fans from the anglophone neighborhoods of Montreal and English-speaking communities throughout Quebec. During the Maroons' short but colourful existence, the team won two Stanley Cups and took part in some of the NHL's most historic moments. The titanic battles between the Maroons and the Canadiens were classic struggles between two proud teams. The games were also duels between rival superstars—the Canadiens with Howie Morenz and Aurèl Joliat, and the Maroons with Nels Stewart, Hooley Smith, and Babe Siebert. The matches were often wild affairs with fights on the ice and in the stands, but those who were there remembered them as the most thrilling hockey games they ever saw. The Montreal Maroons is the story of a team that had a major impact on the early days of the National Hockey League. It is also a look back at the glorious era in the history of hockey in Montreal.

Sports & Recreation 1998

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William Brown is a free-lance writer and broadcaster. His previous books, The Montreal Maroons: The Forgotten Stanley Cup Champions, and Baseball's Fabulous Montreal Royals, chronicled two cherished sports teams from the city's past.

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