The Bidding

Bill Haugland

In 1972 a young girl is abducted and murdered. Montreal news reporter Ty Davis is drawn into a bizarre sequence of events when the body of the ten-year-old girl and the bodies of her kidnappers are found in a 19th century farmhouse in the Laurentian community of Saint Sauveur. Strange symbols on the floor, ancient words in a journal, and additional discoveries hint of something more than a child abduction gone wrong. Davis and his colleagues find themselves embroiled in a complex web of international conspiracy as their careers and lives are put in jeopardy.

Fiction 2011


Advance Praise for The Bidding: Haugland weaves a tale of international intrigue, even while he dishes up glimpses of a bygone era of broadcast journalism. I couldn’t put it down. –Lloyd Robertson

Bill Haugland's extensive and compelling career in broadcast journalism brought him into living-rooms across Quebec.

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ISBN13: 9781550653144

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