Durable Goods

"The poetic catalogue of ordinary things that James Pollock creates in Durable Goods is wry and bracingly dark. The poet's cool eye on the everyday makes the familiar strange, as objects seem to conspire to educate us in a dire metaphysic. An oscillating fan is "a time-lapse sunflower in a cage"; a dishwasher is a "crazed assault/on indifferent death itself." But there's pleasure, even joy here as well: the genuine delight of naming precisely, of making an elegant architecture of meaning out of the stubborn, contrary things that surround us." — Mark Doty

"James Pollock's latest collection, Durable Goods, presents a speaker able to mine seemingly insignificant objects for the astonishing. These elegant but intimate poems echo the very best of Tony Harrison and James Merrill—works which, beneath the sparkle of their cheeky humour, exhale with vulnerability and generosity and edge towards the oracular." — Alexandra Oliver
Wolf Sonnets

In his commanding poetry debut, Wolf Sonnets, R. P. LaRose undoes the sonnet's classical constraints, retooling the form for current political circumstances. Packed with family lore, these poems reflect on how deeply we can trust the terms we use to construct our identity. A proud citizen of the Métis Nation, LaRose even questions his right to identify as such: “I was made in someone else’s home,” he writes. Wolf Sonnets is verse obsessed with names, infinity, numbers, categories, and interconnectedness. Depicting his ancestors as wolves—symbols of survival and protection—LaRose bring fresh insight to his wider poetic project: castigating the inequality, greed, and racism inherent to colonialism.
Infinity Network

"From selfhood to self-consumption, gunfire to the ‘black gasp suck(ing) back into the gun,’ the poems in Infinity Network loop, reverse, and reiterate, caught in the viral cycle that characterizes the violent, post-truth, solipsistic cultural moment. Poetry cannot, and should not, escape the consequences of the echo chamber we have made, and Johnstone is daring in his willingness to take it on—identity’s slippage, and the anxiety that comes as we commute through our days and nights, ‘the train burrowing / from station to station like a worm,’ through a network of strangers—as subject, image, and sound. Infinity Network’s diagnosis is clear: ‘The problem is / us.’ Let’s break some mirrors." —Diane Seuss, author of frank: sonnets

"What is fleeting and what is meaningful converge in Johnstone’s skillful, dreamlike—or fantastically big-screen-like—imagery." - Robyn Fadden, Montreal Review of Books

“Johnstone discovers new ways of cataloging and expressing one of the most challenging topics for a poet to handle, the abstract ideas of the infinite.” -Bruce Meyer, South Shore Review

Praise for The Chemical Life:

"Images so visceral, primal—yet controlled—that they leave us disoriented, seeing double." — Marcella Huerta & Tess Liem, Montreal Review of Books

"In many ways, Johnstone is a mysterious poet. The inner world of his poems is full of strange associations and dreamlike successions of images. It is a bold, skillful sort of poetry, and it makes one curious what canyons he will attempt in the years to come." — University of Toronto Quarterly

"Johnstone's poetry is incredibly efficient; there are no wasted words. Both thematically and technically, there is a dirty edge to many of these poems, which gives them a raw and uncensored feel." — The New Quarterly

Mother Muse

Lorna Goodison has come to be recognised as a hugely significant and influential contemporary author. Through poems rooted in her Caribbean heritage and upbringing she has created a body of enchanting, intelligent and socially aware poetry in the authentic registers of her own tongue. —Simon Armitage

[Lorna Goodison’s] language is often spare and exact, and the portraits cut directly to the social realities that shape people’s lives. Many of these poems are detailed studies in character and they teach much about culture: it resides in people, and by contemplating others, we expand our understanding of our culture. Lorna Goodison goes further: she maps language onto this, and it is an English deeply inflected with the speech, life and rhythms of Jamaica. —Kaie Kellough

Words are the Worst

"Lindner's poetry cuts into the quotidian mise en scène to lay bare illuminating juxtapositions across time and space. What is left on the screen of the page opens up another way of seeing, rife with amazement and curiosity." - Montreal Review of Books

Signal Poetry

Since 1981, over one hundred titles have been published in the Signal Editions poetry series—the poetry imprint at Véhicule Press. One-quarter of the list are first-time authors.

About the editor

Poet, essayist and critic Carmine Starnino became editor of Signal Editions in January 2001, succeeding founding editor Michael Harris. Starnino is the author of four books of poetry including The New World which was nominated for the 1997 A.M. Klein Prize for poetry and the 1997 Gerald Lampert Memorial Award, and Credo which won the 2001 Canadian Authors’ Association Prize for poetry. He is the editor of The New Canon: An Anthology of Canadian Poetry. Lazy Bastardism: Essays & Reviews on Contemporary Poetry was published in 2012. He lives in Montreal.
Carmine Starnino
Antonyms for Daughter Antonyms for Daughter
Jenny Boychuk
Hallelujah Time Hallelujah Time
Virginia Konchan
NPM Bundle #6 NPM Bundle #6: Celebrating National Poetry Month
The Montreal Poetry Prize Anthology 2020 The Montreal Poetry Prize Anthology 2020
Eli MacLaren et al.
The Montreal Poetry  Prize Anthology 2020 The Montreal Poetry Prize Anthology 2020
Eli MacLaren et al.
Little Housewolf Little Housewolf
Medrie Purdham
Nectarine Nectarine
Chad Campbell
Fathers at Hockey Fathers at Hockey
Richard Sanger
Lost Family Lost Family: A Memoir
John Barton
No Grave for This Place No Grave for This Place
Judy Quinn
NPM Bundle #5 - Governor General Award Winners NPM Bundle #5 - Governor General Award Winners: Celebrating National Poetry Month
NPM Bundle #4 - Montreal Poets NPM Bundle #4 - Montreal Poets: Celebrating National Poetry Month
NPM Bundle #3 - The Poets Laureate NPM Bundle #3 - The Poets Laureate: Celebrating National Poetry Month
NPM Bundle #2 NPM Bundle #2: Celebrating National Poetry Month
NPM Bundle #1 NPM Bundle #1: Celebrating National Poetry Month
The Outer Wards The Outer Wards
Sadiqa de Meijer
All I Have Learned Is Where I Have Been All I Have Learned Is Where I Have Been
Joe Fiorito
Versus Versus
William Vallières
Resisting Canada Resisting Canada
Nyla Matuk
What We Carry What We Carry
Susan Glickman
The Suicide's Son The Suicide's Son
James Arthur
Afterwords Afterwords
Geoffrey Cook
The Hardness of Matter and Water The Hardness of Matter and Water
Pierre Nepveu
Sit How You Want Sit How You Want
Robin Richardson
East and West East and West
Laura Ritland
Global Poetry Anthology 2017 Global Poetry Anthology 2017
The Chemical Life The Chemical Life
Jim Johnstone
Ship of Gold Ship of Gold: The Essential Poems of Émile Nelligan
Émile Nelligan
Siren Siren
Kateri Lanthier
Table Manners Table Manners
Catriona Wright
Stranger Stranger
Nyla Matuk
Based On Actual Events Based On Actual Events
Robert Moore
Model Disciple Model Disciple
Michael Prior
Late Victorians Late Victorians
Vincent Colistro
Global Poetry Anthology 2015 Global Poetry Anthology 2015
Editors of the Global Poetry Anthology
Installations Installations
David Solway
Mockingbird Mockingbird
Derek Webster
Laws & Locks Laws & Locks
Chad Campbell
Leaving the Island Leaving the Island
Talya Rubin
The Scarborough The Scarborough
Michael Lista
Radio Weather Radio Weather
Shoshanna Wingate
Satisfying Clicking Sound Satisfying Clicking Sound
Jason Guriel
Dog Ear Dog Ear
Jim Johnstone
Global Poetry Anthology 2013 Global Poetry Anthology 2013
Editors of the Global Poetry Anthology
Dante's House Dante's House
Richard Greene
Birds Flock Fish School Birds Flock Fish School
Edward Carson
Hooking Hooking
Mary Dalton
Grey Tote, The The Grey Tote
Deena Kara Shaffer
Field Notes Field Notes: Prose Pieces 1969-2012
Michael Harris
Sumptuary Laws Sumptuary Laws
Nyla Matuk
Golden book of Bovinities, The The Golden book of Bovinities
Robert Moore
Major Verbs, The The Major Verbs
Pierre Nepveu
All Souls' All Souls'
Rhea Tregebov
Smooth Yarrow, The The Smooth Yarrow
Susan Glickman
Global Poetry Anthology 2011 Global Poetry Anthology 2011
Editors of the Global Poetry Anthology
Gift Horse Gift Horse
Mark Callanan
Spinning Side Kick Spinning Side Kick
Anita Lahey
Skullduggery Skullduggery
Asa Boxer
Id Kid, The The Id Kid
Linda Besner
Where We Might Have Been Where We Might Have Been
Don Coles
Meridian Line Meridian Line
Paul Belanger
Circus Circus
Michael Harris
Crow’s Vow, The The Crow’s Vow
Susan Briscoe
Animals of My Own Kind Animals of My Own Kind
Harry Thurston
Boxing the Compass Boxing the Compass
Richard Greene