The Crow’s Vow

Susan Briscoe

The Crow's Vow is an extraordinarily moving book-length sequence that follows the story of a marriage come undone. Organized into four seasons, the details of the failed relationship are distilled through the physical processes of nature, the buzzing life of wildflowers and birds that the speaker-a wife and mother-studies daily for clues on happiness.Intricately constructed and brimming with resourceful linguistic play, Susan Briscoe's poems are elemental odes on the end of love and its renewal.

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"The Crow's Vow provides a nuanced dramatization of marital discord."-The Montreal Gazette

Susan Briscoe's work has appeared in several of Canada's literary journals. She has been shortlisted for the CBC Literary Awards and was the recipient of the 2001 Lina Chartrand Award for an emerging woman poet. This is her first book. She lives in Montreal, Quebec.
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