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Postcards From Karavis.

Andreas Karavis celebrated his marriage to Anna Zoumi on Friday, May 26, 2000, on the small and remote island of Lipsi located in the northern Dodecanese chain. David Solway was privileged to attend the ceremony and to come away with a handful of "unofficial" photographs which the poet, who is notoriously camera-shy, graciously permitted him to take.

Andreas Karavis's Saracen Island, translated by David Solway, is the first of his works to be published in English. Since its publication this year it has generated a wealth of newfound interest and praise. To accompany this work, Solway has compiled essential critical commentary, biographical background, letters and extracts from Karavis' notebooks into An Andreas Karavis Companion.


And now, after the silence
of the desert

and the dry ascetic wind
and the parching lexicons of dust,

and after the austere
of the bramble bush,
the yellow sere of its flower,

and after, too,
the wintry reticence
of stars,
and night like an empty well,

you are the language
I have begun to speak,
the word that sings in my throat,
slaking every thirst.
- Karavis' s wedding poem to Anna
Father Anthousis, the officiating priest

Constantine Makris (grey hair, spectacles), under the arch of linked arms, dancing with Anna's sister Tsoula, who dressed informally for the wedding.

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