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Hear George Tombs discuss Canada's Forgotten Slaves on CBC's C'est la vie

Hear Elaine Kalman Naves talk about Portrait of a Scandal on CBC's Cinq Ă  six

Read an excerpt from the latest mystery by Sheila Kindellan-Sheehan, The Courier Wore Shorts.

Meet Margaret H. Atwood. Read an excerpt from Missy Marston's The Love Monster.

New Fiction Editor.
Dimitri Nasrallah succeeds Andrew Steinmetz at Esplanade Fiction


Winkler wins 2013 Governor General's Literary Award!
Marston wins 2013 Ottawa Book Award!

Congratulations to Donald Winkler winner of the GG Translation prize for The Major Verbs by Pierre Nepveu,and to Missy Marston, winner of the Ottawa Book Award for Fiction for her novel The Love Monster.

Spring 2014 Titles

Check out our new catalogue for Spring 2014!

Marc Callanan, author of Gift Horse, won the 2013 Heritage and History Book Award for Poetry.

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Jim Johnstone at the Atwater Poetry Project
Thursday 29th May 2014 at 7:00 pm
Atwater Poetry Project
Atwater Library
1200 Ave Atwater West
Westmout, QC

George Ellenbogen European reading tour: Germany
Monday 19th May 2014 at 12:00 am
University of Siegen

George Ellenbogen European reading tour: Germany
Friday 16th May 2014 at 12:00 am
University of Freiburg

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Hot off the press

On Global Poetry Anthology 2013:

"The anthology contains more than one “Hell yeah!” poetry moment – the kind of poem that avid poetry readers can use to argue poetry’s merits to the unconverted." – Montreal Review of Books

On A Stone in My Shoe:

“George Ellenbogen is a memoirist of exceptional talent. Not only does he depict scenes from his childhood with an eye for what is touching, but his writing is poetic and his descriptions lovingly crafted.”  - Pierre Anctil, University of Ottawa

On Off the Books:

"A candid memoir by one of Canada’s finest jazz expats." –Peter Robb, Ottawa Citizen

On The Long November:

"If this is modern 'realistic writing,' this reviewer will take vanilla." – John D. Paulus, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

On Dog Ear:

“There is a lot to admire in Patternicity: musicality, intelligence, toughness, tensile juxtapositions of rational enquiry and lyrical tenderness.”—Arc Poetry Magazine