After it Rains

Bill Haugland

After it Rains, Bill Haugland's first short story collection, gently probes the human psyche and deftly reveals our foibles.

What happens to a man who faces the loss of home and property after the worst economic downturn in decades? Is a novelist's coma, in fact, a hidden doorway? Can a photograph, found in an antique store, be the key to a turbulent past? What drives a young man to leap from a bridge in a failed suicide attempt? Should a wife and mother decide to abandon her family in a desperate moment of introspection? Does a blind boy possess a talent that borders on the supernatural?

Fiction 2013


Some readers of Bill Haugland may remember him from his tenure (from 1961 to 2006) as a journalist and reporter at CFCF-TV in Montreal. His profession has, evidently, given him the chops to shape a story succinctly and with empathy…After It Rains is Haugland’s first short story collection, and each story skilfully builds suspense. --Deanna Radford, Montreal Review of Books

Bill Haugland is the author of the mystery novels Mobile 9 and The Bidding. For twenty-six years he was the news anchor at Montreal's largest English-language television station.

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