Evil Eye

Ann Diamond

Awards: Winner, 1994 QSPELL Hugh McClennan Prize for Fiction

The poignant and the absurd. Erogenous danger zones. Ordinariness gone berserk. This is Ann Diamond territory, explored with a stunning lightness of touch. Moving from existentialism in the Ottawa Valley, to the Messiah at a falafel stand in Cairo, these wry and intelligent stories are bulletins from the front lines.

Fiction 1998


"It is a great poem, the kind that will make future readers take seriously Solway's claim to be our Yeats [...] Saracen Island and An Andreas Karavis Companion constitute a vast allegory of the Canadian Literary landscape [...] perhaps you will find yourself in them." Derek Webster, The Fiddlehead, No. 210

"In Saracen Island [Solway] has his own special brand of fun, creating a detailed poetic biography for Karavis. The poems are, as Solway says of Karavis, "deceptively simple and profoundly resourceful." [...] Karavis, whoever he may be, is an engaging persona, . . . seldom relinquishing Solway's characteristic energy." Diana Fitzgerald Bryden, National Post

"In Solway's able hands, Karavis has become an Aegean pirate's vessel, carrying within it a rich booty of seas, desolate shores, compass roses and wild emeralds." Fred A. Reed, Montreal Review of Books

Ann Diamond is a Montreal writer now living in B.C. where she teaches Creative Writing. She was the winner of the Hugh MacLennan Fiction Award for Evil Eye [1994]. She has written for radio and theatre. Dead White Males is her third novel.

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