A Stone in My Shoe: In Search of Neighbourhood

George Ellenbogen

George Ellenbogen is a cartographer of the heart and of the memories it contains… In describing his fondness for the work of French painter Édouard Vuillard, Ellenbogen explains that the artist experiments “with ways of seeing, ways of knowing.” As a work of art and a family genealogy, A Stone in My Shoe experiments with this approach by navigating the past with love, abundance, and literary resonance. --Deanna Radford, Montreal Review of Books

“George Ellenbogen is a memoirist of exceptional talent. Not only does he depict scenes from his childhood with an eye for what is touching, but his writing is poetic and his descriptions lovingly crafted.”  - Pierre Anctil, University of Ottawa

“There is celebration here, hard won, and ultimately gratitude, for the hardiness and holiness of growing up in a neighbourhood where community triumphed over recklessness, and relationship and reconciliation over the vagaries and freedom of adventure.”-Di Brandt