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Recent news and events relating to the press.
Photo Album

Richard Sanger signs a copy of Calling Home for Molly Peacock at the Cobalt Bar after the Toronto book launch of his newest collection. (Nov. 2002)

Panoramic view of the Cobalt bar during Richard Sanger's launch of Calling Home.

Andy Brown (foreground) and rob maclennan, editors of You & Your Bright Ideas: New Montreal Writing, with Simon Dardick, spring 2001.

Véhicule's 15th anniversary launching, Articule Gallery, April 9, 1988. Peter O'Brien, Simon Dardick and Nancy Marrelli with daughters Anne and Rosemary (standing), Michael Harris and Rob Allen.

Irving Layton, F.R. Scott, and Louis Dudek in the publishers' living room for the launching of CIV/n: A Literary Magazine of the '50s, edited by Aileen Collins, 1983. Photo by Tim Clark.

From the cover of The Montreal Story Tellers, edited by J.R. (Tim) Struthers. (Rear, left to right) Ray Smith, Clark Blaise, Hugh Hood,
(front) John Metcalf and Raymond Fraser, circa 1971. Photo by Sam Tata.
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