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Mountain Tea [371]

Peter Van Toorn

Nominated for the Governor General's Award for Poetry in 1984 and out of print for almost twenty years, this is a new revised edition of Peter van Toorn's exhilarating, landmark collection of poems. The introduction to the new edition by poet David Solway, describes Mountain Tea's unique place in Canada's literary history.

The original McClelland and Stewart edition described Mountain Tea, as a "book of cosmopolitan delights ... a kaleidoscope of voices, from jazzy riffs to highly formal poetry ... a collection enriched by its free-ranging translations."

"In Guildenstern County* is a sheer exuberant explosion of a book. Nobody here since Klein has done things like this with words; they fizz, thrash, honk, simmer, collide and agglutinate. Van Toorn hears whole new kinds of musicality in the language."
-Saturday Night

[*In Guildenstern County, an early van Toorn book, comprises Part 1 of Mountain Tea.]

Peter van Toorn was born in Holland in 1944, and has lived in Montreal since 1974. He co-edited Cross/cut: Contemporary English Quebec Poetry and The Insecurity of Art: Essays on Poetics.

Read Peter Van Toorn's essay, "A Goose in the Caboose: Ideas on the Sonnet."

November 2003

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