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Author stays home from BEC, citing airline harassment

June 14, 2008 | By Q&Q Staff

Vehicule Press author Jaspreet Singh, whose latest novel is Chef, was scheduled to appear both at Luminato and BookExpo Canada this weekend. But Singh, who currently lives in Calgary, has been unnerved by his recent air-travel experiences, and believes authorities have him confused with a potential risk. As the Véhicule Press press release says:

This situation first arose when Jaspreet Singh, on an author tour, flew from Calgary to Ottawa on April 26, 2008 and on his return trip, Montreal to Calgary. In each case he was unable to access the electronic check-in facilities and had to contact Air Canada staff.

was subjected to a lengthy and detailed questioning in which my ability to travel by air was put into question … Air Canada employees informed me that I was on a ‘list’” but refused to give me particulars … On the return flight [from Montreal] Air Canada staff made the preposterous suggestion that I change my name…”

On his way to Toronto for this weekend, Singh was again unable to check in electronically and went no further, instead turning around and going home. “He feels unsafe traveling with his name on the list and the experience is causing him tremendous anxiety,” says the Véhicule release.