Vehicule Montreal a Celebration

Welcome to our celebration of Montreal--an island city of over a million people situated in the Hochelaga Archipelago at the confluence of the St. Lawrence and Ottawa rivers. Home to the Iroquois until Paul de Chomedy de Maisonneuve--the founder of Montreal--and four dozen colonists began constructing Ville-Marie (Montreal) in 1642. Despite the ravages of city developers in the 1970s, enough of Montreal's historic architecture still remains to make the city a delight for citizens and visitors alike. Montreal is one of the world's great French cities (French-speaking citizens number about 65%) but it is also home to many English-speaking Montrealers and thriving ethnic communities.

Using our city guides to the left, you may find that perfect restaurant to suit your tastes, or plan a walking tour around downtown and old Montreal; Better yet, read about great past and present Montreal writers and jazz masters--we've made an online guide to the city's cultural and urban landscape.

This is our taste of Montreal--a city where people talk to each other; where the city is as lively at night as it is during the day; where you can take the métro (the subway) or wander through the city centre and its many neighbourhoods without fear of being mugged; where you can sip café au lait on a sidewalk terrace or indulge in the best smoked meat sandwich on the continent. Montrealers are passionate about culture, politics, and food. Enjoy our glimpse of the city. Better still, come and visit us.

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