Breathing Lessons

Andy Sinclair

A bold and explicit debut novel by one of the most visceral new voices in gay fiction. Breathing Lessons is the story of Henry Moss, a homosexual everyman whose life knows none of the limitations or abuses his predecessors experienced. When a teenaged Henry came out to his mother, she worried only that he’d be lonely. At the time, he thought her concerns were old-fashioned. Two decades later, he’s had supportive family and friends, he’s well-liked by the athletes who train with him, trusted in his professional life, parties whenever he pleases, and performs all manner of sexual acts with whomever he wants. But as he gets older and, increasingly, the men he sleeps with are married, Henry finds that his mother may have been right. Can he find the lasting intimacy he craves in his life amidst the equal-opportunity freedom afforded by his generation’s openness? Learning to navigate between the two is as delicate as learning to breathe again.

Esplanade Books


Readers will recognize themselves in these scenes, even when they least want to. I’m not exaggerating when I say that, with Breathing Lessons,Andy Sinclair is doing something no other Canadian writer has done,possibly something no other Canadian writer has dared to do. –Angie Abdou, author of The Bone Cage

Andy Sinclair was born in Cowansville, Quebec and grew up in North Bay, Ontario.He now lives in Toronto. His work has appeared in fab, The Moose & Pussy, The Globe and Mail, and Dragnet Magazine. Breathing Lessons is his first book.
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