A Nice Gazebo

Robyn Sarah

What do husbands, sitting on the porch in the dark, talk about while their wives take a late night walk down a country road? This is the question that opens Montreal poet Robyn Sarah's long-awaited debut collection of short fiction. In exploring the quiet lives of the men and women in these stories, Sarah reveals herself as the most graceful and confident of writers. With a poet's unerring eye for detail she allows everyday events to resonate with surprising delights. With a deftness of touch rare in contemporary fiction, she ensures that her stories linger in our thoughts long after we have finished reading them.

Fiction 1992


"[Sarah's] biggest gift is her ability to weave a number of complex themes into a seemingly straightforward yarn...She can take a perfectly ordinary event and transform it into something magical. Again and again." -New Canadian Magazine

Robyn Sarah is the author of five previous poetry collections, most recently The Touchstone: Poems New and Selected [1992], as well as two short story collections, A Nice Gazebo [1992] and Promise of Shelter [1997]. Her poems, stories, essays and reviews have appeared in a number of Canadian and American publications. She lives in Montreal, where she grew up.
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