The Invisible Moon

Carla Hartsfield

For a first book, The Invisible Moon contains an extraordinary, matured vision, supported by craft that is astonishing in its range of virtuosity—yet the poetry seems effortless. It is work formed by a wry and direct perception of her world—equally "at home" in the Texas of her youth and the Canada of her adulthood. The curtain is now up on a gifted poet.

Poetry 1989

Carla Hartsfield was born in Waxahachie, Texas and now lives in Toronto. She is a classically trained pianist, a singer-songwriter, a self-taught autoharp player, a music teacher, and a visual artist. She has published two previous collections of poetry [The Invisible Moon, 1988 and Fire Never Sleeps, 1995] with Véhicule Press.

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