Canada Under Mulroney: An End-of-term Report

Edited by Andrew B. Gollner and Daniel Salée

The Canadian Progressive Conservative Party came to power in 1984 with ambitious policy objectives. Economic renewal, greater social justice, national reconciliation, and reform of the bureaucracy were top priorities for the Mulroney government. Canada Under Mulroney brings together Canada's leading public policy analysts to assess the Tories' 1984 electoral aims and the government's record of delivering on its promises. This book is an indispensable reference source for university level courses on Canadian government, public policy and public administration. It is also invaluable to all concerned Canadians seeking a better understanding of the policy choices facing us today.

History 1998

Andrew B. Gollner is Associate Professor of Political Science and Director of Concordia University's Graduate Program in Public Policy and Administration. His most recent book is Social Change and Corporate Strategy [IAP, 1984]. Daniel Salée is Associate Professor of Political Science at Concordia University. He is the co-auther of Espace régionale et nation [Boréal Express, 1986].
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