Antonyms for Daughter

Jenny Boychuk

"Quietly, in contemplation or more harrowing emotional drives, Boychuk's poems unravel the weight of a complicated relationship spanning their entwined lifetimes to expose the tendrils netted between a child and parent and the impossible-seeming task of disentangling oneself in the face of trauma and grief." – Montreal Review of Books

“This collection of poetry from Jenny Boychuk presents the familiar sentiments of mother and daughter bonding but it also bears traumatic talons which seem to reach in and pierce that bond.” - Jane Frankish, The British Columbia Review

“A nuanced collection about complicated grief, one that’s haunted by togethernesses and separations — a mother and daughter knit together by trauma, abuse, memory, and inexorable love…The poems are are elegant and gripping.” -Jaclyn Desforges, Hamilton Review of Books