The Geography of Pluto

Christopher DiRaddo

“(The) book is so sharply written and so full of insights into the human condition… DiRaddo has crafted a fine book about one young gay man’s struggle to realize his first big relationship really is over while holding his mother’s hand as she struggles through a cancer diagnosis and treatment. Set in Montreal’s gay milieu in the 1990s, The Geography of Pluto is one of those books that gets better as you keep reading, a rare combination of thoughtful writing that’s also hugely entertaining.”— Matthew Hays, Daily Xtra

“The only novel I know of that climaxes with a colonoscopy, The Geography of Pluto provides an honest and moving account of one gay man’s life in Montreal. Friendship, desire, rejection, first love, and, above all, the bond between parent and child, are dramatized with deceptive simplicity. Embellished with a strong sense of place and season, its real location is the human heart — which is why I could not put it down.”— Andrew Holleran, author of Dancer from the Dance