What We Carry

Susan Glickman

These are beautifully written, intelligent, accessible poems. - Cary Fagan, Writers' Trust Newsletter

A keen awareness of mortality underlies the poems in Susan Glickman’s vibrant seventh collection...These lyric poems have an unassuming grace and clarity. – Barbara Carey, Toronto Star

The respect paid to nature in this book is palpable and the sadness at its destruction is equally strong. The technical dexterity is as powerful as the emotions and shows a poet at the peak of her creativity. - Candace Fertile, Quill & Quire

"Glickman’s striking sensory poems are tightly controlled, even choreographed, with music..." - Crystal Hurdle, Canadian Literature

Summarizing either the thematic concerns or the stylistic characteristics of Susan Glickman’s latest collection, What We Carry, in a sentence or two—or even a paragraph—is virtually impossible. Several of the poems respond to Chopin’s Preludes. Others riff on slang phrases. Many explore the environmental crisis that human beings can no longer deny. Despite this variety, What We Carry consists of poems that are always individually interesting and yet also comment upon each other. - Lynn Domina, A Review A Week