Edited by Aileen Collins

CIV/n was a dynamic magazine published in Montreal between the years 1953 and 1955. In only seven issues it published the early work of Leonard Cohen, Eli Mandel, Louis Dudek, Robert Creeley, Phyllis Webb, Raymond Souster, Irving Layton, Robert Currie, Gael Turnbull, Avi Boxer, Cid Corman, D.G. Jones, Charles Olson and A.J.M. Smith. As Irving Layton states in his essay "Recalling the 50's" included in this book: "There was tremendous excitement in the air—anyhow, in certain streets and alleyways of Montreal—and it signalled the post-war ferment that was to knock into a cocked hat some of the cherished literary and political notions of the past." In this book all the issues of CIV/n have been reprinted along with Michael Gnarowski's Index to the magazine which appeared in 1965. Previously unpublished photographs and letters complete this flashback to literary Montreal of thirty years ago.

Literary Criticism 1982

Aileen Collins and Louis Dudek founded DC books and ran the press until 1986.
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