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Louis Dudek: Selected Publications

The Searching Image. Toronto: Ryerson, 1952.

Twenty-Four Poems. Toronto: Contact Press, 1952.

Europe. Toronto: Laocoon Press, 1954.

The Transparent Sea. Toronto: Contact Press, 1956.

En México. Toronto: Contact Press, 1958.

Laughing Stalks. Toronto: Contact Press, 1958.

Atlantis. Montreal: Delta Canada, 1967.

Collected Poetry. Montreal: Delta Canada, 1971.

All Kinds of Everything. Toronto: Clarke, Irwin, 1973.

The Green Beyond: Poems. Phonodisc. Toronto: CBC Publications, 1973.

Epigrams. Montreal: DC Books, 1975.

Selected Poems. Ottawa: Golden Dog P, 1975.

Autumn. Calgary: Poetry Goes Public, 1978.

Cross Section: Poems 1940-1980. Toronto, Ontario: Coach House Press, 1980.

Continuation 1. Montréal: Vehicule Press, 1981.

Ideas for Poetry. Montréal: Vehicule Press, 1983.

Zembla's Rocks. Montréal: Vehicule Press, 1986.

Infinite Worlds:The Poetry of Louis Dudek. Ed. Robin Blaser. Montréal: Véhicule Press, 1988.

In Defence of Art: Critical Essays and Reviews. Ed. Aileen Collins. Kingston: Quarry Press, 1988.

Small Perfect Things. Montréal: DC Books, 1991.

Continuation II. Montréal: Véhicule Press, 1990.

Europe. Revised Edition. Erin, Ont.: Porcupine's Quill, 1991.

Notebooks 1960-1994. Ottawa: Golden Dog Press, 1994.

1941 Diary. Ed. Aileen Collins. Montréal: Empyreal Press, 1996.

The Caged Tiger. Montreal: Empyreal Press, 1997.

The Poetry of Louis Dudek. Kemptville, Ont.: Golden Dog Press, 1998.

Reality Games. Montreal: Empyreal Press, 1998

Continuation III. Montreal: Empyreal Press

The Surface of Time. Montreal: Empyreal Press, 2000

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