Trevor Ferguson
Trevor Ferguson was raised in Montreal from the age of three. He is the author of High Water Chants (Macmillan 1977), Onyx John (McClelland & Stewart 1985), The Kinkajou (Macmillan; M&S Paperbacks, 1990), The True Life Adventures of Sparrow Drinkwater (HarperCollins 1993), The Fire Line (Harper Collins 1995) and The Timekeeper (Harper Collins 1996). He has published two novels, City of Ice and Ice Lake under the name of John Farrow.
Trevor is past-Chairman of the Writers' Union of Canada, and he has been the Writer-in-Residence at the University of Alberta, in Edmonton, and Red River Community College in Winnipeg. His permanent home is in Montreal, where he lives with his wife, Lynne, and continues to write fiction.