Louis Dudek
Louis Dudek was born in Montreal on February 6, 1918. He attained a BA from McGill, completed his PhD at Columbia University in New York, and subsequently took a teaching position at McGill. With Raymond Souster and Irving Layton, Dudek founded Contact Press, which was a major poetry publisher in the fifties and sixties in Montreal. Dudek went on to found CIV/n, the little magazine Delta, and The McGill Poetry Series, which helped establish the reputations of emerging poets like Leonard Cohen. His extensive creative and critical publications and editions speak to the immense influence Dudek exercised during his active literary career.
His work includes: East of the City (1946), Europe (1954), The Transparent Sea (1956), En Mexico (1958), Laughing Stalks (1958), Literature and the Press (1960), Atlantis (1967), Collected Poetry (1971), Selected Essays and Criticism (1978), Cross-Section: Poems 1940-1980 (1980), Continuation I (Véhicule 1981), Louis Dudek: Texts & Essays (1981), Ideas for Poetry (1983), Zembla's Rocks (1986), Infinite Worlds: The Poetry of Louis Dudek (1988), Continuation II (1990), Europe (Porcupine's Quill 1991), The Caged Tiger (Empyreal Press 1997)