Dominoes at the Crossroads

Kaie Kellough

"The sheer torque of Dominoes at the Crossroads is a testament to Kellough’s willingness to dwell in the hurricane. The result is an urgent and inimitable collection that honours the rebels in the diaspora." - Shazia Hafiz Ramji, Quill & Quire

"This is more than a book of linked short stories with Black Canadians as its subject. Dominoes at the Crossroads articulates how Black history is not marginal to Canada’s story, but central to it – encoded in its history, and therefore its future too." - Jade Colbert, Globe and Mail

Dominoes at the Crossroads is at once boldly speculative yet meticulously faithful to the textures and histories of place. It is a book both witty and moving, self-reflexive and cunningly metaphysical. Kaie Kellough is an astonishingly talented and versatile artist whose ongoing calibrations of sound and language find new form here in scrupulously lucid prose." –David Chariandy, author of Brother (Winner of the 2017 Writers’ Trust Fiction Prize)

"Kellough’s stories are written as mirrors for the travels that ancestors took, by choice or by force ... (he) successfully plants the reader in two or more places, embodying diverse identities at multiple points in time while showcasing the effects of discrimination and racism." – Natalie Lang, The Ormsby Review