The Empire's Missing Links

Walid Bitar

"Andrew Hood is a young (really young), driven (really driven), perceptive, under-the-skin writer. He's the real deal, and coming on strong; this is a writer you'll want to hitch a ride with from the outset, as the journey promises to be monumental." -Trevor Ferguson

"Andrew Hood's Pardon Our Monsters, simply put, is a powerhouse of artistry and reveals to us a writer in whom enormous talent deeply abides." -Montreal Review of Books

"It feels good and true and timeless. This story rivals the legendary best. Purely as a trigger for our deepest, intuitive understanding of humans and the world, it's flawless. It instantly swept away 40 of my years. I don't know how to say, in this few words, why, when the book gets good, it gets uncannily, magnificently good." -Jim Bartley, Globe and Mail