An ABC of Belly Work

Peter Richardson

"This collection of poems is a strong second for Richardson. His themes are work, separation, new love, new life, family, remembrances, history, and fancy... Richardson manages-and herein lies his strenth-effortlessly to seam concrete description of everyday experiences with the vivid interior life that inevitably accompanies them...Richardson's trademark perceptivity and hi-fi vocabulary are at their peak here." -Books in Canada

"Perhaps [Peter Richardson's] job [as an airport cargo handler] shifting objects around has encouraged his use of vivid verbs: they jostle through the collection... Most of Richardson's book carries valuable cargo." -Montreal Review of Books "His new book is even better [than ABC of Bellywork]. Richardson continues to balance personal poems with inventions and observations. His storytelling skills have deepened: he channels the voices of losers who are not beautiful but always interesting." -Montreal Review of Books

"Richardson has an excellent sense of pacing and shows himself to be a master of the long sentence when he needs to be. Never very far from either humour or pleasure, these poems allow the reader to come away with a refreshed sense of the world." -Journal of Canadian Studies