Heresies: The Complete Poems of Anne Wilkenson

Dean Irvine
Edited by Dean Irvine

"What has kept [Wilkinson's] best poetry current is a combination of taut craft, inventive wordplay, oneiric surrealist imagery, wry wit and, perhaps most importantly, a gravitational pull on the reader's emotions. ...Irvine's yeoman's labour has established the definitive text of Wilkinson's oeuvre." -Books in Canada "The actual person of a writer does much in Canada to keep up enthusiasm for the work; without the living woman, her reputation suffered and her books went out of print. Recently, however, the general interest in Canadian literature as a whole and the new enquiries into writing by women have combined to bring Anne Wilkinson's poetry back into light. There have been some perceptive critical essays in recent years . . . and new editions of her work are appearing. These will surely succeed in restoring Anne Wilkinson to her deserved place as one of the important figures in the history of Canadian literature." -Joan Coldwell