Wind and Root

Brent MacLaine

"Maclaine's work is self-consciously local, unpretentious, and accessible-by turns solemn and witty." -Geoffrey Cook, Books in Canada

"MacLaine has a genially capacious mind and a reliable ear, and is quite interested in the world outside Brent MacLaine. [...] He is as technically proficient as a poet needs to be, but his style remains quite lucid, unmarred by verbal gamesmanship. These poems manage to get off the ground without a lot of noisy flapping." -Bruce Taylor, Montréal Gazette

"In Wind and Root, his first book of poetry, Brent MacLaine culls meaning through plot and happen-stance, a poet who ladles out stories like soup you can eat with a fork. His poems, chock-full with gritty details of small-town life, are spiced with cynicism and a generous dash of humility." -Kelly Marie Redcliffe, Atlantic Books Today, No. 31