An excerpt from

Waste No Tears
by Hugh Garner with an introduction by Amy Lavender Harris

For the next two weeks I travelled along all the shabby paths than an alcoholic takes on a binge. Leaving my car in the garage of the apartment house I went on a spree that took me into ninety percent of the drinking spots in town.
I started off with the better hotels and bars, but as my drinking continued I went lower down the social ladder.
The memories of it are all jumbled, and there are blank spots between events that much have covered days. I had a check book with me and I cashed checks everywhere I went. There is the hazy recollection of several men who came along for the ride, some of them staying a day or two in my company. One night I woke up screaming, and found myself in bed with a woman and her husband. I don’t remember how I got there, or what the three of us had done. When I realized where I was I hurried into my clothes while they lay there and laughed drunkenly at my attempts to lace my boots.