An excerpt from

So Others Will Remember: Holocaust History and Survivor Testimony
by Edited by Ronald Headland

The monument and the legacy of the Shoah is to be found on our future, a future characterized by communication between young people from different countries promoting global understanding in defiance of nationalism, religious fanaticism and ethno-centrism. It is through the transmission of the memory of the survivors that a shared legacy will be provided, one that is characterized by a commitment to freedom and the protection of human rights.

If moral behaviour is taught and not innate quality of human existence, there is hope for change and for a future that ensures all people may live by their beliefs rather than be forced to conceal them through fear of discrimination and death. Everyone has the capacity to give freedom to all mankind if they care enough and assume this moral responsibility. We must continue to break the conspiracy of silence that characterized the world's reaction to the Jewish plight fifty years ago. We must be vigilant in our teaching of and fight against current atrocities occurring in Bosnia, Rwanda, Sri Lanka, Zaire,·

Memory without consequence is futile.