An excerpt from

Sheepish Beauty
by Erin Mouré

3) Fold

The fold. Arm leaning on the floor & shoulder pushed
up weight of, leaning folded. The room light women
sitting leaning listening the voices sonorous. Their
seams meet & touch, are folded, by the reader (you)
visible in their absence. The sound of voices sonorous
sonority sorority rarity ibly ably ™ blé wheat. Wheat
folded. Wheat the green smell grain growing field.
The fold. Folded earth into the earth. Alberta.

Light air. Her black shirt white shorts & knees folded.
Their lives touch. She looks back at her & smiles as she
smiles at every woman. she smiles she folds back. The
sewn fold a seam. She & she. Who who is. Or seems.
the woman & the woman she told you of. You reader.
As it seems, the fold turns over the women raising up
on elbows craning listening not watching her anyhow.
She is here. & sees her. Seize no seems.

"& erase with your palm"

A line between fields, in a small wood

Those windows